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The Sexual Revolution Has Made Children Our Most Disadvantaged Minority

Peoples’ rights may be equal. But people have incomparably more responsibility to protect the interests of those who are unable to do so themselves, starting with children.

The sexual revolution was the most important social experiment in history. It tested the belief the welfare of children requires society to make heterosexual marriage the norm for sexual behavior, by legal support and moral persuasion. We now know the results of that experiment:

  • One million children go through divorce every year.

  • One million children are born out of wedlock every year.

  • Children from intact natural families do much better in school than others, have better lifetime health and economic success, commit fewer crimes—the list could go on.

  • Economic factors are very important also. But the breakup of marriages and single-parenting is an important predictor of economic disadvantage, especially for women how are single parents.

  • The best predictor of criminal behavior among children living in poor inner-city neighborhoods is the number of live-in fathers among their peers (not just whether they have a live-in fathers).

  • Etc., etc. etc.

The rest of society has no right to deprive the heterosexual family of the moral and legal support that the welfare of children needs it to have.

All other things being equal, children have a right to their intact reproductive family. And no other responsibility is equal to society’s responsibility to protect the interests of powerless children.

More to come.